We’re looking for venues for our events


Where do we want to host our events?
Ideally at home.
We want to go back to the days when we could get home sit in front of the TV with our mates and game for hours.
But we’re adults now. Life got in the way.
So what do we do instead?

Once a month we want to hang out at a place that reminds us of our lounges, where we can sit back and relax.
We don’t mind having a drink or a meal if the price is right.
We want to go when you’re quiet like your weekend afternoons or your weekday evenings.

Why should we host your events?

There are tabletop and videogame friendly venues all over Melbourne already including themed Cafe/ Bars in the SE and Japanese Restaurants  in the CBD.
They’re benefiting from extra patronage, why don’t you?
Hosting an event at your venue will put it on our map. And by that I don’t mean just with our social media channels, blog and newsletter.
When gamers find a place they like they’ll keep coming back and as a result they’ll bring their friends with them.
We are also looking for some videogame friendly venues as well.

What type of things do we look for in a venue?

We want to be able to see and hear each other as we game.
As a result if your room or venue has nasty bouncers, loud doof doof, strobe lights and dance floors we’re not going to be happy.

For tabletop event we  quite like dining tables and chairs and maybe even booths.
For videogame event we need electricity and space for our TVs as well.
We wouldn’t complain about sofas and tea tables.

Are you interested in hosting our events?
Does your venue want some more patronage?

Feel free to read more and contact us here.

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