Five reasons why you should pick up a video game

Playing video games is a pretty normal activity for most people of all ages these days. People have it on their smartphones, on their homes, and living room. It doesn’t matter if it’s an RPG or an FPS, If you haven’t picked up a controller before, here are five reasons why you should

1.Video games improve decision making

Games are all about choices. They require players to assess situations and make the choices they deem as the best with the hope of achieving a specific goal in mind. Decision making is an integral skill in playing video games as well as surviving life. Video games are great in improving decision making especially during crucial moments. Do you go for an attack and risk it or do you play safe and defend? Do you use your long cooldowns or just gamble it for a possible advantage? A lot of choices in video games are intense with a lot of gameplay outcomes on the brink of one single choice. This makes video games an intense experience that sharpens a person’s decision-making skills

2. You’ll make more social connections

Games, especially multiplayer ones like the games here on Gameout, are interactive social experiences. You play them with other players and experience it together with other people. You play on the same field, on the same rule sets, and on the same session. This opens up a lot of social interactions from the gameplay itself to different social banters. Games are helpful if you want to reach out to people without using any words, just your wits and skills on a single game with all of you having fun

3. Think creatively

A video game is nothing but a set of numbers and calculations without creativity. It’s a medium that demands a lot of creativity right at the start of development: from game rules to character designs to the lore of the game world itself. The astounding amount of creativity that makes up video games pulls out the creativity hiding in the players themselves. We play games and experience stories of grandeur whether it’s a massive roleplaying video game or a simple session of FPS games. Exercising our brains and making our own meanings to understand the world that the game creators have created. We also make creative strategies and plays to getting closer to our goals.

4. Be more emphatic

Video games are a pool of stories. There’s the story created by the developers of the game and there’s the story of the players you interact with. Playing video games exposes you to different stories of people from the way the game behaves and expresses itself to the way your playmates play with you. You get to know their tendencies and habits. How does this person react to this? What might be the developer’s thoughts on this aspect of the lore? Where did these superpowers come from? A lot of a game’s aspects are little stories of their own because behind them are the imagination of other people. Playing video games exposes you to a fraction of other people’s minds.

5. It’s just fun!

Because video games are really meant to be one thing: to be fun. Playing a game is a happy experience that you can enjoy whether you are alone on a couch or together with your friends on a bar with a few drinks. Playing video games is a therapeutic experience that helps us escape reality for a tiny fraction of time. It helps us realize things that the reality of our world cannot tell us. It’s in this simple joy In life that we find little parts of ourselves, both through exploring a video game and exploring the stories of people you play with.

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