Join us in bringing back local multiplayer games

Remember the days when playing games means playing with people? That’s what we’re all about here at Gameout. We provide the old school vibes of playing local multiplayer games from the comfort of video games to immersive board games. We believe that multiplayer games are all about who you play it with, and we want to bring you an experience that will bring back the spirit of playing together with other players.

Are you a video game developer?

There’s one thing we need in order to craft the best local multiplayer experience: games. We want developers who know the ins and outs of what made local multiplayer games like the old Halo, GoldenEye, Mario Kart memorable up to this day. There’s an ever growing demand of split screen and local multiplayer games in the industry, and we’re here to give you a shot.

  • Does your game offer shared screen or Split screen?
  • Is it easy to pick up and play?
  • Is it fully compatible with an XBOX controller?
  • Do you think our gamers would enjoy it?

Did you meet the requirements? Then come aboard!
We accept unreleased Beta versions as well.
Join our growing library of games from a range of indie developers all over the world.

Are you a board game developer?

Board games are the origins of the video game industry. It’s where the game mechanics highlight themselves to become more immersive. We need developers who have a keen eye on how different rules work together to create an engrossing experience.

  • Does your game take less than 90 minutes to play?
  • Does your game take less than 30 minutes to learn?
  • Do you think our gamers would enjoy it?

Did you hit anything? Then join us!
We accept playable prototypes as well and will help in anyway we can to make your game a full-pledged experience

Why should I share our game with you?

We bring gamers of every genre together. Games are best experienced when played by many people and we are your way to bring your masterpiece to the limelight. We want to give everybody a chance to show their masterpiece to the world and to let many gamers enjoy it. In return, we provide gamers an avenue where they get to try game. It’s a win-win

You need a spotlight. That’s where we come in.

We are a growing community of gamers who will sell your game using the most powerful marketing tool we know: word of mouth. We bring your games for gamers to experience and to talk about over a couple of beers. We build communities for you and these communities will do the marketing for you.

Just let us play your game and we’ll bring it to its full potential.

We all know, as gamers, that the best way to reach us is through other gamers. We got you.

What will you do with our game?

We host events all over our city in Melbourne, Australia throughout the year where people get to try before they buy.
Ideally we would like to offer different competitions and other event formats that fit the games we offer and the people who come.

We also have a small team of reviewers who will provide their expert opinions and constructive criticisms about games you share with us. Why? We want to help all game developers improve and make games more fun for everyone.

So stay tuned, you will hear about your game right here in our blog, our social channels and hopefully in increased hits to your website.

How do I share my game with you?

For Video Games:
Is it on steam, itch, or another similar distribution platform?
In that case we ask for a steam key, itch code or a download link for a copy.

Board games:
How much would it cost to ship a copy to Melbourne, Australia?

We prefer games that are already in full release but will accept Beta versions if it’s still fun to play.

Are you still interested? Please contact us here.