How to choose a game for yourself

Choosing what game you want to play these days can almost be a chore in itself.  After all there are tons of games to choose from, both new and old, so how do you know which game is right for you?

There are several key aspects that you must consider before you can pick the right game for you that we will discuss in this article to help you pick the best game for you.

Measure your time

Playing videogames can almost be a full-time job if you pick MMORPG titles.  These types of games tend to consume much of your free time.  However, there are many mobile games or casual games, such as Flappy Bird, or Pokemon Go, that you can play, usually on your console or your phone.

These types of games are designed to be instantly accessible and games that you can pick up and play for a few minutes and then stop.

You’ve probably seen people on the train or walking to work playing these kinds of games.  They are the gaming equivalent of a snack.  Small, enjoyable and you get just enough without wanting more.  If you are busy with work or you don’t have that much spare time then indie games would be suitable for you.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of spare time on your hands then usually an RPG would easily be able to fill this gap.  These games can be played either online or offline.  Whatever you choose, you must be careful.  You may find that the game you picked is that good that it takes up too much of your time anyway – just like a good book or a movie.

Pick your favourite genre

Everyone has different tastes in things.  This is no different in videogames.  Some people prefer sports games, others like racing games whilst there are some that like music games or games of an obscure niche.  Picking the right genre for you helps you ensure that the game you are going to play you will probably enjoy.

However, depending on your genre, there are some pitfalls.  For example, if you like action games and you pick the latest version of your favourite franchise, you may be disappointed if it does not have any new features compared to the previous version.  Sports game fans are also in the same boat here.

Make sure you pick a game that matches the types of games that you enjoy.  Combine that with how much time you can play it for and you are close to picking the best game for you.

Read Reviews

Sometimes it can be hard to know what game you want to play next.  You can go to review sites to help you pick your next game to play.  Reviews are good because you get the experience of someone else who is a gamer who has played the same game.

But how can you really trust a review?.  After all, even major game reviewers may be guilty of bias if a games company pays them enough money to promote their game with a good review (think of Driv3r).  Every gamer has unique tastes in what they like to play and the same can be said of game reviewers.

Gamers tend to like certain reviewers, based on their reviewing style or how they promote the game.  But some gamers are also too critical of many game reviewers because they are actually getting paid to write about the game, so how can they really be trusted?

If you can find a review site or game reviewer that you know you can trust, or whose reviews are the most similar to your own opinion of a particular game genre or franchise, and they say that the game is good then you know you are most likely getting a great gaming experience, but if they say that the game is bad then this a game you may wish to avoid.

Check the box

Sometimes, like when you buy a movie, all you need to do is check the box.  This is getting harder and harder now that games are going digital.  If a game you are interested in has no actual box then the developers website or the online store page where you can purchase the game from may be able to offer useful reviews of the game so you know what to expect.

The game box, or store page,  tells you a lot about the game you are about to buy.  You can learn the main story or plot, the game features, as well as see screenshots.  Certain game boxes also have review ratings from trusted review sources to persuade you that this game is your next game to play.

See the price

Setting yourself a gaming budget can make common sense.  Games are getting more and more expensive.  If you have a set budget for your next game, perhaps you want to look at second-hand game shops to see if you can grab a bargain.  Online sites, such as Amazon and eBay can also offer great gaming bargains at the right price.  If you are willing to put in the time researching to find the best deal.


All the above work together to help you find your next favourite game to play.

But you may not be able to follow them all, so what do you do?  If that is the case, you should at least make sure to read reviews and pick your favourite genre as two sure-fire ways of purchasing your next favourite game.  You could also ask a trusted friend who also enjoys playing videogames what they think of the next title you are interested in buying.

Or you can look on social media to see what people are saying about the game on sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Social media can be a great way to find out people’s opinions,
So let us know, how do you choose your games?

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