What is at the GGM June 24th?

What is at the GO Game market?

This is every stallholder coming Sunday week.
Are you coming?

Check our facebook event page for photos!

Who are the Stall holders?
GGM June 24th

Stall 1 & 2
Gameboys (SP, pocket,color,advance) Game Gears, some Japanese consoles, maybe some busted consoles

Salem thegameexperts.com.au
Stall 3 & 4
Old Video Games & Collectables

Darren & David  retrosales.com.au & globalgarage.com.au,
Stall 5,6 & 7
Games, boxed consoles and a full range of new power supplies for retro consoles

Stall 8
PS1,2,3, PSP. Xbox, X360. Gameboy, DS, 3DS, Gamecube, Wii. N64. Consoles boxed and unboxed.

Stall 9
Game Boys, Game Gears and Sega Master Systems

Stall 10
Game and watch ps2 kiosk and ps2 games

Stall 11
Gamecube, ds, xbox, games and consoles

Stall 12
PlayStation 1, 2, 3 & 4 Games, Original Xbox & 360 Games, Super Nintendo & Wii Games and More

Stall 13
Console and video games and accessories

Danyon baronomega
Stall 14
Paintings based off games and commission paintings

Shenae and Mel Guzzardi Art & Cosplay
Stall 15
Artwork prints based on games, film/TV, anime and pop culture, as well as art commissions.

Stall 16 & 17
Gaming hardware, accessories & games from Sega mega drive and master system, nintendo and nintendo 64 and atari 2600

Stall 18 & 19
Imported NTSC, JAP, EUROPE NES, SNES, Game Gear, Atari.

Evan gamerhats.com

Stall 20
Snapbacks & keyrings and beanies

Stall 21
Snes & NES mini classic


In our freeplay section

Michael X Joy games
Stall F5
Dash Blitz

Our Guests on Sunday in the guest lounge will be

Lauren from PointnClick games
Callan from Gametrain podcast
Matt from Retrodomination