GO Game Market September 2019

Go Gameout Market September 2019
11:00 am - 3:00 pm
September 29th 2019

Do you like playing videogames and boardgames?

The GO Game Market is back!

It is the place to buy and sell videogames and consoles from yesteryear. In addition Boardgames and other tabletop game are on sale too.

How Much?
$5 (free for kids <12)

How do I get there?
Free on street parking (Check street signs)

Public Transport
Next to Collingwood train station on the Hurstbridge/Epping line.

Do you want to host a stall?
Read more and apply here

What is going to be on sale?
Read more here

Why should I go?
Don’t you want to buy videogames from yesteryear? Not interested in adding to your shelves of boardgames? No problems. Come along and have a chat, we’re all gamers here! We’ll even have a handful of local gaming content creators coming along to hang out.

When and where is the next GO Game Market?
If you're happy to come we'll be in the Collingwood town hall in April. Let us know by bringing a friend or two!

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GO Gamemarket April 2019

Do you like playing videogames and/or boardgames?
  The #gogamemarket

is back!
It is the place to buy and sell videogames and consoles from yesteryear. In addition Boardgames and other tabletop game are on sale too. read more

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Do you prefer physical videogames?

Do you prefer physical copies of videogames over digital downloads?
Do you like videogame merch from indie games?
You are in luck as there seems to be a fair few companies that cater to you today!
Here are a few we found online.

Fangamer, US

PS4, PS Vita, PC

iam8bit, US


Indiebox, US


Limited Run games, US

PS4, PS Vita and Switch

Signature Edition games, UK

PS4, PS VITA, PS VR, Switch, PC/MAC/Linux

Strictly limited games, Germany

PS4, PS Vita

Super rare games, UK read more

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Feedback from the GGM June

What did you think about the #gogamemarket June ?
We want our stallholders, shoppers. gamers and podcasters to be happy.

Please fill out this survey to let us know what you think.

Alternatively let us know what you think on facebook.

How did you hear about the event?
Do we need more space (again?)
Were you happy with the freeplay section?
What do you want to see more of next time?
Should we invite more artists and makers?

Please let us know.

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GGM June Freeplay

What are the freeplay games?

GO game market June 24th
If you didn’t notice already we have a soft spot for local multiplayer games developed by indie studios.


Dash blitz is a local multiplayer action game inspired by classic platformers, played head-to-head at breakneck speed. Combine lightning speed with perfect air control, for a truly fast and fun movement system unlike any other.
Developed by Xjoy Games
Released March 2018 (Early access)
Xjoy games will be showcasing their game personally so come along for a chance to talk to the developers and help shape their game. read more

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What is at the GGM June 24th?

What is at the GO Game market?

This is every stallholder coming Sunday week.
Are you coming?

Check our facebook event page for photos!

Who are the Stall holders?
GGM June 24th

Stall 1 & 2
Gameboys (SP, pocket,color,advance) Game Gears, some Japanese consoles, maybe some busted consoles

Stall 3 & 4
Old Video Games & Collectables

Darren & David &,
Stall 5,6 & 7
Games, boxed consoles and a full range of new power supplies for retro consoles read more

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Do you want to volunteer with us?

Our next event will be…

Go Game market

Sunday June 24th from 1100-1500
Set up 0930 Closing 1630
Kathleen Syme Library and community centre
251 Faraday St, Carlton VIC 3053

What do you need us to do?

Minimum 4 hours shift

Different areas we need volunteers include
Set up/ Tear down
Providing information
Setting up, maintaining and supervising freeplay machines

Who should sign up?

Are you somebody who is passionate about gaming?
Do you enjoy working behind the scenes at events?
Do you want a free T shirt?
We want you.

How do I sign up?

Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you. read more

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