A place where we can keep in touch with each other.
If you’ve never used it before, it’s similiar in style to IRC and allows text, voice and video chat.


We want our gamers to find each other and keep gaming.
We’re also making it a place to buy, sell and trade videogame and boardgames.
Lastly we’re also trying to do our bit and fundraise for COVID 19 Vaccine research. with the University of Queensland
Yes we’ve got some steam keys to giveaway too. We’re getting those ready.


On our discord server you can join using this link


Most of the server is open 24/7 but we’ll be running some weekly events following Melbourne AEST(GMT+10)

Thursday GAME IN PC Videogames 6pm-10pm
Come on thursday night and find other PC Gamers
It doesn’t matter if you use steam, gog, parsec.
If it’s on a PC and you want to play it…Find someone on our GAME IN Channel.

Friday GAME IN Consoles Videogames 6pm-10pm
Come join us on a Friday night and find others to GAME IN on your console of choice
We’re calling you if you’ve got a Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox that you want to play!
It doesn’t matter how old or new the game is, Find someone to share it with on our GAME IN Channel. read more

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April 2020 Stallholders

Who was going to the April GO Game Market?

Hi Everyone,
We really didn’t want to cancel our April market but had to put the health and wellbeing of all our participants first.
Here is a list of stallholders who were supposed to attend. read more

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GO Game Market April 2020

Sunday April 19th

Collingwood Town Hall
160 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford

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September 2019 Stallholders

Who went to the September GO Game Market 2019?

Hi Everyone,
Who went the September GO Game Market?
A mixture of stallholders.


Tako Games
56 Bits
Retrosales and Global Garage
RetroDomination  and Arcade Perfect
Nexus Toys and Collectables
Two and a Half Gamers
Weird and Retro
The Game Experts
Retro Carts and Cards
Super Slytato
Al’s Game Barn
Electric Eccentric
Quang read more

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GO Gamemarket April 2019

Do you like playing videogames and/or boardgames?


The #gogamemarket is back!
It is the place to buy and sell videogames and consoles from yesteryear. In addition Boardgames and other tabletop game are on sale too.


We’ll have a handful of local gaming content creators coming along.

Collingwood Town Hall
140 Hoddle St, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Sunday, 14 April 2019 at 11:00am to 03:00pm

How Much?
(free for kids <12)

How do I get there?
Free on street parking (Check street signs)

Public Transport
Next to Collingwood train station on the Hurstbridge/Epping line.

Do you want to host a stall?
Read more and apply here

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Do you prefer physical videogames?

Do you prefer physical copies of videogames over digital downloads?
Do you like videogame merch from indie games?
You are in luck as there seems to be a fair few companies that cater to you today!
Here are a few we found online.

Fangamer, US

PS4, PS Vita, PC


iam8bit, US


Indiebox, US


Limited Run games, US

PS4, PS Vita and Switch


Signature Edition games, UK

PS4, PS VITA, PS VR, Switch, PC/MAC/Linux

Strictly limited games, Germany

PS4, PS Vita


Super rare games, UK



Special reserve games, US

PS4, PS Vita, PC, Switch, 

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Feedback from the GGM June

What did you think about the #gogamemarket June ?
We want our stallholders, shoppers. gamers and podcasters to be happy.

Please fill out this survey to let us know what you think.

Alternatively let us know what you think on facebook.

How did you hear about the event?
Do we need more space (again?)
Were you happy with the freeplay section?
What do you want to see more of next time?
Should we invite more artists and makers?

Please let us know.

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