GO Gamemarket

What is the GO Game market?

Are you a retro videogame collector?
Do you want to clear out (or add) to your collection?
The GO Game Market is the place to buy and sell games from yesteryear.


Our next market will be on Sunday March 25th from 1200-1600


Kathleen Syme centre, Carlton
251 Faraday Street Carlton VIC 3053
Right near Melbourne University and Lygon street.

How much will it cost me?

Normally $5 per person
This time free entry!

Are you interested in holding a Market stall? read more

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Why Game Jams matter for developers and gamers

In every creative field that is dictated with corporate influence, there comes a point when the best creative ideas become saturated. In the case of video games, we see ideas that become popular, that are then imitated and repackaged by a number of publishers. Most
recently, it has happened with open-world games and multiplayer shooters.

But nothing cleanses oversaturation like a wave of creativity. Thanks to digital distribution platforms, we’re seeing Indies produce new and unorthodox games all the time. Although these indie developers may be lacking in funding most of the time, it’s important to
encourage them to keep creating so that we’re able to enjoy original ideas. This is why game jams have become important.
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The Ultimate guide to dating gamers and nongamers

Dating can be complicated, but if you pair up a gamer with someone who doesn’t understand
the appeal, things will get rocky unless there’s some mutual understanding. Gaming is
something that still has a negative stigma attached to it by those who’ve never carried the
habit with them to adulthood. There is most likely going to be a few rows over the fact that
the gamer in question would rather play a game than spend that time bonding with their
So if you’re a gamer, how do you strike that balance between working, gaming and bonding
with your partner? If you’re a non-gamer who is dating a gamer, how do you put up with their
most beloved choice of entertainment without offending them or asking them to change who
they are?
Here’s a guide on how to deal with each of these explosive scenarios.
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#Indieween Oct 27th-Nov 3rd

What is #Indieween and #GamesMatter?

One month ago we at Gameout gave out games (Steamkeys) on twitter using the #gamesmatter hashtag. The only thing we asked for was honest and unbiased feedback to the Gamedevs.

This month we’re going to do it again!

We’re going to team up with our new friends @IndieGamerChick and @IndieGamerTeam and celebrate Halloween by giving away even more games!

This halloween or should I say #Indieween we are going to celebrate indie games and help give out even more games? Why? Because #GamesMatter read more

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How to enjoy life and still keep gaming

Gaming can be balanced

We all have busy schedules, but we all have our favourite gaming hobbies too, so here’s a rundown of what you can do so that you always have enough time for gaming in your life.

Understand you need to create a balance

Back in 2001, the Xbox had just been launched,  I spent most of my time completing Halo, Project Gotham Racing and Rallisport Challenge.  I had a lot of free time so days seemed to stretch forever and I always managed to finish whatever game I was working on and still hand in my assignments on time.

Fast-forward sixteen years and things have changed.  Life has now taken over.  I am married, and I have a cat.  My work life is far busier than my college life was back then so I can only snatch brief moments of being able play my favourite videogame, Forza Horizon 3. read more

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How to choose a game for yourself

Choosing what game you want to play these days can almost be a chore in itself.  After all there are tons of games to choose from, both new and old, so how do you know which game is right for you?

There are several key aspects that you must consider before you can pick the right game for you that we will discuss in this article to help you pick the best game for you.

Measure your time

Playing videogames can almost be a full-time job if you pick MMORPG titles.  These types of games tend to consume much of your free time.  However, there are many mobile games or casual games, such as Flappy Bird, or Pokemon Go, that you can play, usually on your console or your phone. read more

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Busy schedules and video games

Gamers have one common  enemy in mind: a busy life. It’s hard to squeeze in time to play video games when there are dishes to do and money to be made.

With that in mind, developers are now taking time as a big consideration in game design. Here are five things that a time-friendly game should consider

1. Length

If it’s a long game, it takes up a long time. Game length plays a large part when gamers try to consider if they should pick up a game or not. This is one of the core factors as to why mobile got big: they are portable and they showcase short bursts of rewarding gameplay. read more

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What is Game Compulsion and what can be done about it?

If you’re reading this then I’m sure you’ll agree that gaming is an outstanding gift to the universe.
However, the sad reality is that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. If gaming starts to affect your everyday life then you may be showing signs of game addiction.

Game addiction (also referred to as game compulsion) is when a person withdraws themselves from real life in favour of virtual realities. There are a vast number of reasons why this behaviour occurs. The common misconception about people who have game compulsion is that they are lazy or too stupid to get ahead in the real world. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.
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