So what do you guys do?

  1. We look for games with great local multiplayer gameplay and tabletop games
  2. We search for venues that can fit our gamers
  3. We host events where gamers can try before they buy

What type of games are you interested in?

At Gameout we are all about local multiplayer, video games and tabletop games. We share videogames that have great shared/split screen gameplay that we ourselves enjoy. We also share tabletop games that take less than 90 minutes to play and preferably less than 30 minutes to learn.

Why should we share our game with you? What do we get in return?

It takes many tireless hours of time and effort to bring a game to market. When it finally does come to market there are so many games being released every week that it’s hard to find anything. What we do is we share your game with the most powerful marketing tool in the world, word of mouth. We also offer our social media channels, mailing list and blog.

What are you going to do with our game?

Share it with our gamers at our events all over Melbourne, Australia.

What do you need from me?

If you are a videogame developer of a game with great local multiplayer gameplay who wants to share your game, we need the following :

  1. Short gameplay video
  2. Gameplay screenshot
  3. Link to download a playable prototype or preferably a full version.

Please note at this time we are only accepting PC titles that are easily downloadable on a platform like steam or itch.


If you are a tabletop developer who wants to share your game with our gamers, we need the following :

  1. Basic details including number of players, target age, gameplay length
  2. A short description of the game
  3. Status of game, Prototype or full release
  4. A BGG  or Game website link
  5. Price to ship a copy to Melbourne, Australia

Please note we are aiming at shorter games with are easier to pick up and play. We would prefer games of no more than 90 minutes but do have exceptions if we ourselves enjoy the game.


Feel free to contact us here