What do you guys do?

  1. We find games that we ourselves enjoy
  2. We find a place for you to play them
  3. You come and enjoy our games whilst unwinding with a drink


What type of games do you guys have?

Local multiplayer.
We hunt around online and offline for local multiplayer games both video games and tabletop.
You can see our current library here. We have a growing library of games that we want to share with you.


Where are your events?

We are looking at a number of venues around Melbourne. We are interested in places that looks like your lounge or TV room. Places with lots of soft things to sit on and without too much noise are our favourites.


When are your events?

Check out our calendar and social media channels for updates.


I want to know more!

Feel free to check out our social media channels, join our mailing list.


I am interested in voluntering for your next event.

Please fill in the form below before March 2nd and we’ll get back to you.


Subject :         Voluntering for the Gogameout events