Press kit

Who is GO Gameout and what do they do?

We are a small International team based in Melbourne who organises events to bring gamers together. In 2018 we started the GO Game market as a place to buy, sell, chat and play videogames. In 2019 we have plans to gradually expand into boardgames.

This website was made by Salmus from the ground up to what you see right now. All Pixel art and Graphic art you can see on our flyers and social media channels is made by MAVW.

What is the GO Game Market?

A regular flea market targeting videogames from yesteryear. At our last event in June we had 20 stallholders including 2 sets of artists and a game developer selling their wares. We also have a few freeplay machines showcasing a handful of indiegames and a few sets of podcasters recording content.

Here are some photos from our June event.

What do people think of the GO Game Market?

The feedback we got from March and from our June event in 2018 was mostly positive.

Did people find videogames at a good price?

Well we noticed people walking out with armfulls of videogames and consoles so...yeah.

Can I use and/or modify your logo for promotional purposes?

If we have invited you to our next event...feel free to do so without asking. We are grateful for support. If we have not invited you to our event, let us know who you are and what you wish to do with it.