So what do you guys do?

  1. We look for games
  2. We look for venues with a space that is gamer friendly
  3. We host events which will bring in dozens of gamers to your venue


Why should I book you guys?

We think you’ve already got Friday and Saturday nights covered. We gamers want to come out in your quieter weeknights and weekend afternoons. If we’re really happy we’ll keep coming back each month and bring more.
Let’s works something out!


What type of venues do you guys like?

We don’t like typical clubs with nasty bouncers, too much doof doof and $25 cocktails. What we want is a quiet place to sit around and just game with a reasonably priced drink or meal. We prefer places that are reasonably well lit and not too loud that is where we are happiest.


How will you advertise our venue and your events?

We offer our social media channels, mailing list and blog. And most importantly we offer word of mouth.


What do you need from us?

We need a few details about your venue before we go down and have a look.

  1. Where is your venue?
  2. How much room are you offering us?
  3. What does the room look like?
  4. When do you want us to come?


Feel free to contact us here